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We have an impressive range of artificial fibre optic Christmas trees for adding a touch or festive sparkle to your home.

We've tracked down the best prices for large and small pre-lit Xmas trees from major UK stores including Festive Lights, Lights4Fun, Argos, B&Q, Tesco, Wilkos, M&S, Amazon and Ebay. Prices range from under £20 for a cheap fibre optic tree to more than £200 for a luxury top quality tree.

A fibre optic tree is simplicity itself and avoids all the time-consuming hassle associated with a real Christmas tree - and, of course, you can use it year after year!

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Add some festive sparkle to Christmas with a fibre optic tree

Setting up a fibre optic Christmas tree just couldn’t be easier - you can have it erected and lit up in minutes, leaving you free to get on with all your other festive preparation tasks.

A fibre optic tree is not constructed to look like the real thing - t is purely decorative and looks spectacular with the addition of LED lights which are used to create certain special lighting effects that certainly enhance the festive mood.

Unless you are a traditionalist who simply must have a real tree, a pre-lit fibre optic Christmas tree is one of the best ways to usher in the Christmas spirit. Then you just pop it way in the loft for use again next year.

If you are wondering what is so festive about an artificial tree with a bulky pot for base and a hazardous halogen bulb creating some sort of effect by lighting up the tree from base to top, fret no more. Today's trees come with LED sockets and lights that make the entire operation literally cool - as the lights themselves are.

A secondary connector gives you more lights than ever before and a microchip controls the switch action that controls the various lighting effects. The entire set up is as simple as plugging in an appliance via a transformer that comes packaged with the tree with a cable at least 1.5 metres in length. The base is now a pointed stand with three or four legs or feet, and even when it is in the shape of a pot, it is a far cry from the space consuming unwieldy affair that it used to be.

The branches, which are permanently fixed to the core of the tree, are flexible, and may be twisted into various shapes and positions to provide a unique display of light. Speaking of lights, apart from the shimmery LED bulbs, you also have the option of flashing LED tip lights for that extra festive mood to dance to.

Or you could just sit around, drink in hand, marvelling at what technology can do. The bulbs consume very little electricity and last more than 3,500 hours - around 500 times more than conventional light bulbs do.

When buying a fibre optic Christmas tree, it is useful to check whether it stands tall and straight. A common problem associated with its lightweight structure is a leaning to one side. This is easily remedied by standing it against something sturdy, like a wall, or getting innovative with props. However, most good trees will come with a sturdy base, weighing down the tree and 'rooting' it.

You get quite a few choices with pre-lit fibre optic trees. Some of them come with pine cone lights and a star at the top which may have colour changing properties. In addition to large 6 foot ones, a fibre optic Christmas tree will also come in diminutive sizes and may be just 45 cm in length with 25 cm at its widest.

While ordinary artificial green trees cost anything between £15 and £100, depending upon their size (for the most part), there are premium versions available for a higher price. For example, you can buy a snowflake tree with colour changing LED lights which looks stunning. On a snowflake tree, the lights will usually have white and blue tips for a truly unique effect.

A pre-lit tree is a hassle-free option for Christmas time

Most artificial green trees will come with a combination of red, blue and green light tips which twinkle in the darkness. Musical lights are particularly effective and play popular carols and songs as the switch on and off in various sequences in time to the music. Some of them may also have transparent, coloured baubles with cable inside, that make them light up, and this adds a new dimension to the creation of a festive atmosphere in any home.

Although many families place their Xmas tree in their living room or lounge, you can also light up your porch, conservatory or even place them in the garden for an equally beautiful effect if you buy an outdoor fibre optic tree. You can also line up a garden path with several small fibre optic Christmas trees for a very special Christmas. There are all sorts of deals available on these trees including vastly reduced prices and free delivery, and you could also find a twin pack of 2 two foot trees for almost the price of one!

Optical fibres are a great innovation which comprise flexible and transparent fibres mad from silica glass or plastic. They are extremely thin and can transmit light from one end of the fiber to the other. These inexpensive tiny fibre optic strands can be as thin as a human hair and consist of three parts - the core, the cladding and the buffer coating.

They produce bright and radiant light and are very inexpensive to run compared to some of the traditional bulb fairy lights from yesteryear. Most of us can remember Christmas times when mum and dad got out the box of old bulb Xmas lights and the kids spent ages helping to untangle them and replace bulbs that had blown the previous Christmas.

The beauty of a fibre optic tree is that there's no more messing about trying to decorate you tree with the old-style fairy lights. A pre-lit tree makes everything so much easier as the lights are already attached to it - just erect the tree, plug it in and you're done!

These delightful fibre optic trees are available many sizes from small to extra large - the most popular heights are 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 7ft - although it’s possible to buy a much larger giant pre-lit tree for a large venue of outside location. Popular colours for these trees include white, silver, black, pink, green, blue, purple and red.

An artificial pre-lit and pre-decorated fibre optic Christmas tree, when stored properly will last years and is completely free of the mess that a real pine or fir tree would invariably bring with it. They are so simple and quick to install in your home - just like the innovative pop up Christmas tree concept. If you haven't yet got one, you should probably take a look and see if these trees aren't exactly what you've been waiting for to easily and effectively bring some Yuletide magic to your home.

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